Book Awards

Three of Essential Publishing’s books won prestigious book awards in 2014:

4 Gold Awards!


2014 Nautilus Book AwardGold – Food / Cooking / Healthy Eating category
2014 Benjamin Franklin Book AwardGold – Health & Fitness segment
2014 Living Now Book AwardGold – Cookbooks: Natural, Nutrition, Organic, Vegetarian
2014 International Book AwardsGold – Health: General

The 415-page cookbook, now in its 5th printing, offers heath and gourmet taste through vegan-vegetarian fare, and features more than 300 beautiful full-color photographs, 270 delicious vegan-vegetarian recipes (including 170 gluten-free options), and hundreds of helpful tips on foods, food preparation, pantry items, and healthful, vegetarian living. Read more here…

FOUR Awards!


2014 Nautilus Book AwardSilver – Self-help
2014 Benjamin Franklin Book AwardSilver – Health & Healing / Wellness / Prevention / Vitality
2014 Living Now Book AwardGold – Health / Wellness
2014 International Book AwardsGold – Health: Alternative Medicine

The Palm Beach Pain Relief System: A Clinically-Proven, Natural and Integrative Approach to Healing Chronic Pain, Arthritis & Injuries by Jupiter, Florida Internist Daniel I. Nuchovich, M.D. presents a revolutionary medical treatment program that combines the best of modern Western medicine and natural medicine. Dr. Nuchovich, a conventionally-trained physician who did not subscribe to natural health therapies, suffered from chronic pain until receiving a single natural health that left him virtually pain-free after months of suffering. Read more here…




2014 International Book AwardsFinalist – Health: Aging/50+

Reverse Arthritis and Pain Reverse Arthritis and Pain Naturally: A Proven Approach to an Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Free Life by New York Times Best-selling Author Gary Null, Ph.D. takes a close look at the real cause of arthritis, and it’s not aging. According to Dr. Null, lifestyle choices are at the heart of every common disease affecting Americans today. The growing epidemic of arthritis is just one, of many, that can be significantly curtailed or halted with proper lifestyle adjustments, including dietary choice. Read more…


The IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for excellence in book publishing—in its 26th year—is regarded as one of the highest national honors for small and independent publishers. The awards, which include fifty-five categories recognizing excellence in book editorial and design, are administered by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) with help from over 160 book publishing professionals including librarians, bookstore owners, reviewers, designers, publicity managers, and editors. The purpose of the award is to honor publishers who produce quality titles and to teach publishers how they can compete in the world of book publishing. Each and every day all houses compete for shelf space and consumer recognition: sometimes the major houses do win, and other times, the smaller publishers win out because they do a better job and provide a better product.


The Nautilus Book Awards, now in its 15th year, represents "Better Books for a Better World." Dedicated to excellence and the highest literary standards, this unique book award program continues to gain prestige with authors and publishers around the world as it seeks, honors, awards and promotes print books that are well-written and -produced books with messages about caring for, understanding, and improving every aspect of our lives and relationships. Nautilus books are chosen because they inspire and connect our lives as individuals, communities and global citizens. As a Nautilus awardee, Gary joins the ranks of other distinguished visionaries and authors of our time: Deepak Chopra, M.D., Caroline Myss, Frances Moore Lappe’, Jeremy Rifkin, Marianne Williamson, Thich Nhat Hanh, Jean Houston, Ph.D., Eckhart Tolle, Desmund Tutu, Gary Zukav and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The Living Now Book Awards celebrate the innovation and creativity of newly published books that enhance the quality of our lives, from cooking and fitness to relationships and mature living. The awards are open to all books written in English and intended for the North American market. The gold, silver and bronze medalists in this year’s Living Now Book Awards offer a list of books representing the fastest-growing segments of book publishing today, and the Living Now Book Awards help demonstrate the importance of these books to readers and their vitality in the marketplace. The awards are presented by Jenkins Group of Traverse City, Michigan. Jenkins Group has been involved in book packaging, marketing and distribution since 1988, and is dedicated to promoting books that improve readers’ lives, bring families together, and make the world a safer, healthier place.

The International Book Awards, in its 7th year, sponsored by USA Book News, honors excellence in independent and mainstream publishing. The 2014 competition featured more than 1200 books from 15 countries, recognizing superior quality in seven criteria: First impressions, Design, Interior layout, Originality, Use of language, Message delivery, and Relevance.