Book Brokering

Essential Publishing is a seasoned and effective book broker, partnering our customers with reliable distributors that can help you secure placement for your book.

It’s a Competitive Market

Once your book is published, we can help you sell your book directly to consumers, while pursuing the best book distributor for you. The advantages to using a book distributor are numerous; however, securing their attention can be a considerable job. Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to consider a book distributor:

  • hundreds of brick and mortar stores through which your book can be sold in a single placement.
  • Focus and distributors know the market, and have spent years developing relationships with book buyers.
  • Speed... book distributors can reach distribution centers quickly and with ease.

Disadvantages to using distributors:

  • Cost...distributors take up to 50% of book proceeds.
  • Selection...some distributors require a minimum marketing budget behind a book in order to promote it.

We do the best we can to help you with your book-selling needs based on your goals and budget. We can represent you and handle negotiations to make book distribution a more viable option for you.

Please contact us today at or email us at to discuss your options.

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