Book Sales

Essential Publishing is a book publisher that you can count on to help with book sales tools and strategies.

Selling Books is NOT easy!

Publishing a book is just a small part of a successful publishing strategy. In order to turn your dream into a return, you must have a comprehensive book distribution and book sales plan, including effective book distributors! No matter where you want to sell your book, you can count on Essential Publishing to help.

A book sales company like Essential Publishing can help you promote book sales:

  • Design and development of an exclusive website just for your book, including interfaces with social networks, online advertising and link development.
  • Placement in major online book stores, such as,, etc.
  • Placement in major brick and mortar book stores such as Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • Placement in other relevant brick and mortar stores, where appropriate (such as health-food stores, schools, museums, etc.)

Book selling is a wide open field. You need a company that you can trust to point you in a direction that works for your goals and budget. Essential Publishing can help you sell your books.

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