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The Healthy Vegetarian: Healing Yourselves, Healing Our Planet
By Gary Null, Ph.D.
Your complete A-Z guide for becoming a truly healthy vegetarian, from a New York Times Bestselling Author and leading authority on natural health. From diet to lifestyle to environment concerns, learn all that you need for answering the Why’s and How’s of this crucial choice that has never been more important than now. Price : $ 29.95














Reverse Arthritis and Pain Naturally
Arthritis is the most common cause of disability in the United States today, limiting the activities of a remarkable 50 million adults. Like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, arthritis is a disease of inflammation rooted in lifestyle choices. This book takes an in-depth look at the epidemic of arthritis and chronic pain sweeping our nation today, providing an explanation for its causes while offering a proven lifestyle protocol to reverse and prevent them naturally. Paperback

Price : $ 21.95
Cracking the Stress Code: Eliminate Harmful Stress and Achieve Life Mastery in 4 Simple Steps By Terry Lyles, Ph.D
Stop trying to manage stress! Instead, use stress to create the life that you want. Top athletes, business professionals and even the U.S. Armed Forces pay Dr. Lyles’ thousands of dollars to learn these timeless tips, tools, and instruction. Now they are available to you, in this one book. If you have goals and dreams that you want to realize, or life is just “stressing you out,” this book will change your life. Hardcover
Price : $ 24.95
Anti-Arthritis, Anti-Inflammation Cookbook: Healing through Natural Foods by Gary Null, Ph.D. New York Times bestselling author brings you more than 270 anti-arthritis, anti-inflammation recipes to heal conditions and diseases of inflammation, perpetuated by the high-fat, high-sugar, chemically laden Standard American Diet (S.A.D.). Prevent and reverse diseases like arthritis, cancer, diabetes and heart disease by making the delicious offerings within this book the mainstay of a new eating program…your health and life depend on it! 4-Time Gold Winner. Paperback.
Price : $ 39.95
The Palm Beach Pain Relief System: A Drug-Free, Integrative Approach to Healing Chronic Pain, Arthritis and Injuries
Daniel Nuchovich, M.D.
A comprehensive, revolutionary, proven medical treatment program for prventing unnecessary surgeries and helping people free themselves permanently from chronic pain. Hardcover

Price : $ 25.95

Art & Survival in the 21st Century: A creative response to the challenges of our time through drawing, painting & sculpture by James Menzel Joseph

This art and social criticism book takes a profound look at the role of art in humanity’s survival, and features over 200 exquisite and beautiful paintings and drawings of James Menzel Joseph, celebrated award-winning artist, author master art teacher, and activist. Hardcover

Originally $56.98 - NOW Only $39.65!
Generation A.D.D.: Natural Solutions for Breaking the Prescription Addiction By Dr. Michael Papa
Free yourself and your children from the bonds of chemical dependency! It is  estimated that six million children in the U.S. are currently prescribed Ritalin or other drugs to reduce the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, without a thorough examination of the causes. In this confronting book, Dr. Michael Papa urges us to explore and understand the symptoms and underlying causes of ADD/ADHD, and to choose natural solutions first, offering numerous approaches that have worked successfully with his patients over the years. Hardcover

Price : $ 24.95
Good Stress: Living Younger Longer By Terry Lyles, Ph.D.
Seeing stress as good is essential for achieving a youthful and vibrant life, says Dr. Terry Lyles, in this groundbreaking book inspired by years of rescue work at some the world’s worst disasters: 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in Thailand. Dr. Lyles, known as America’s Stress Doctor, implores us to see stress as a benevolent force. “If you want to live younger longer, start now by seeing stress for what it really is – a catalyst for positive growth and change. Hardcover

Price : $ 21.95
Healthful Cuisine – 2nd Edition By Anna Maria Clement, Ph.D., N.M.D, L.N.C. and Kelly Serbonich
Learn about the superior health and nutritional benefits of raw and living foods from the world’s #1 medical spa, Hippocrates Health Institute. This book contains: 150 raw and living food recipes, 40 pages of illustrated raw food preparation techniques, and more than 50 full-color photographs showing step-by-step instructions, plus tips from the experts. Making healthy raw foods has never been so easy. Spiral bound Softcover

Price : $ 21.95
A Families Guide to Health & Healing: Home Remedies from the Heart By Anna Maria Clement, Ph.D., N.M.D, L.N.C.
Bring healing back into the home! In this beautifully illustrated full color book, Dr. Anna Maria Clement, co-director of the world-famous Hippocrates Health Institute,  show us how easy it can be to heal naturally with herbs, natural therapies, baths, flower remedies and aromatherapy.  In this book, Dr. Clement shares more than 40 years of time-tested, clinical experience with natural healing modalities. A must for every health-conscious home. Softcover

Price : $ 13.95

Twice Blessed : The Special Life of Twins by Patrice Cheviot

Life with a twin is so wonderful. Meet Christopher and Lisa, twins growing up together sharing a double portion of delightful adventures. Share the carefree play times of two specials children born within minutes of each other in this simple but heartfelt story of childhood innocence, friendship, love and fun and the fortunes of growing up in a loving and supportive family with traditional values. This bright and embracing children's book offers themes of faith, love, sharing, positivity, nurturance, care between parents, children and friends, appreciating, respecting and accepting our uniqueness and difference, and enjoying the simple things in life. Above all, it is a testimony to the enduring bond that is possible between siblings. About the Author: Patrice Cheviot lives in Jupiter, Florida with her husband Robert. She is a certified holistic healing practitioner, artist, sculptor, musician, pastoral care and bereavement counselor and is currently writing books on spirituality. As a twin, Patrice knows the excitement and joy that sharing life with a twin can bring.

Price: $16.95

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