Cracking the Stress Code: Eliminate Harmful Stress and Achieve Life Mastery in 4 Simple Steps By Terry Lyles, Ph.D
Stop trying to manage stress! Instead, use stress to create the life that you want. Top athletes, business professionals and even the U.S. Armed Forces pay Dr. Lyles’ thousands of dollars to learn these timeless tips, tools, and instruction. Now they are available to you, in this one book. If you have goals and dreams that you want to realize, or life is just “stressing you out,” this book will change your life. Hardcover $24.95
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The Ultimate Book on Stress is here!

Are there dreams and goals that you want to accomplish?
Do you want to consistently operate at the top of your game?
Do you feel like you are losing the game, when it comes to stress?
Would you like to feel consistently strong – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then Cracking the Stress Code: Eliminate Harmful Stress and Achieve Life Mastery in 4 Simple Steps is for you. In this innovative, ground-breaking book, Dr. Lyles shares an important secret that only elite performers know, and it is this: stress is good. So many books position stress as “bad,” and attempt to teach us how to minimize or manage stress. But few books teach us how to thrive with it, says Terry Lyles, Ph.D. – motivational speaker, life-performance expert to professional athletes, military personnel, and business executives, and author of four books on stress. “Not only is stress essential for our existence,” remarks Dr. Lyles, “it is what can propel us to become our best self.”
Cracking the Stress Code examines stress in the three primary areas of life – occupational, relational and personal, shedding light on how mental, emotional, spiritual and physical “leakages” cause damage and set-back. This important book brings to light the various stresses that may be unsuspectingly impacting your life (harmful stress) and, through a variety of insight exercises, assists you in discovering and cracking your own personal stress code, which helps you refocus your energy consistently day to day, and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors that are preventing you from having what you really want in life.
Through remarkable stories of his time spent in service to victims, emergency and rescue personnel, and armed forces at some of the world’s most impactful disasters (9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the Asian tsunami), heart-warming recounts of his intrepid passage into fatherhood with a special needs child, and engaging narratives of his coaching work with professional athletes as well as everyday people, you will come to see stress as Dr. Lyles and as his clients do – as a positive, powerful force for enhanced performance and life success. (Hardcover book / 331 pages)

About the Author:
Dr. Terry Lyles holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is recognized as a national and international educator, author, and speaker to universities, schools, Fortune 500 Companies, world-class athletes, and public audiences. He teaches groups of all ages how to navigate life’s storms through mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical alignment training.
Dr. Lyles has trained hundreds of individuals including Fire Rescue workers in and around Ground Zero, International Forensic Medical teams in the Asian tsunami-torn area, and the United States Air Force Space Command, sharing his time-tested, scientifically measured approaches to stress utilization.
Major corporations have also benefited from this training technology, including DaimlerChrysler, Banana Republic, Macy’s West, Pfizer, Universal Studios, and Tommy Hilfiger, to name just a few. Dr. Lyles has appeared on NBC, ABC, USA Today, CNN, Headlines News, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and FOX NEWS, and in U.S. News & World Report as a Corporate Performance Enhancement and Life-Balance Specialist. He also hosted a premiere talk show sponsored by Success Magazine, and was heard as the “Stress Doctor” in South Florida on WRMF radio and WPBF TV.

What People are Saying about Dr. Terry Lyles and Cracking the Stress Code

“Terry has been my executive coach and friend for several years. He has helped me focus my energies to be my ‘best self’ and avoid negative behaviors associated with stress, and worked with my entire team and broader organization to accommodate stress in a positive way. Through Terry’s trainings, we are working better together: Our employee satisfaction has improved 100%, and our productivity has increased because of better relationships, both internally and externally.”
– Jeff Bell, former Vice President, Chrysler & Jeep, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft 

“Terry has been an important part of our race team. He brings a positive thought process to any situation and has kept our crew members and drivers focused on what was important – performance!”
– Ray Evernham, Founder of Evernham Motorsports and Hall of Fame Crew Chief, NASCAR

“A master at managing stress, Dr. Lyles gives sage advice on how to use the inevitable stresses in life to create the change, power, and passion we all want.”
– Dr. Laura Berman, LCSW, Ph.D., Director, Berman Center

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