Green printers are committed to operating their businesses using strict printing practices, including principles, criteria and standards around economic, social and environmental concerns. Our printers are committed to the highest standards, ensuring our role in sustainable outcomes.

We make it Easy for You to be Green!

Essential Publishing works through our sister company Cooling the Planet to provide you a synopsis of what is required to print your publication(s) with sustainability in mind.

Easy 3-step Process for Cooling our Planet:
1. We survey the use of paper for books, magazines, newsletters and other publications and materials.
2. We research the most cost effective, environmentally sustainable practices for printing your materials. Very often our clients are surprised to learn that we can increase the quality of their printed goods with sustainable practices while matching—and in some cases beating—their existing printing costs.
3.  We determine the paper use and calculate the number of trees that need to be planted in order to offset your paper use.

It's that simple! When you print through us, you are helping yourself and our planet.

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