When you choose Essential Publishing, you are receiving years of combined publishing, editorial and marketing experience from a group of caring individuals dedicated to a profitable and inspiring publishing experience.

In addition to effective strategies for increasing your visibility, we are dedicated to the highest quality in all aspects of production and marketing – from concept, design and layout, to website design and promotions. We also offer ecological printing solutions so you are confident that your publication is serving both your reader and our planet.

Through Cooling the Planet, we will:

  • Advise you about the advantages of Green printing in the U.S.A.
  • Shop your book with ecologically focused printers and present a comparison with lesser-quality printers in China. You will be amazed at the competitiveness of U.S. printers!
  • Plant MORE trees than required to replenish all the paper used in printing your books.
  • Provide our Cooling the Planet logo and applicable text for use on your copyright page and website to promote your commitment to a greener planet.

You can count on Essential Publishing for innovative and progressive ideas and strategies that are essential for publishing success.

Give us a call today at or email us at
info@essentialpublishing.org to discuss your project. We are here to help!

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